Waterfront Film, Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a natural beauty. The camera loves her and she loves the camera. You’ve probably heard all kinds of tales and whispers of its magic scenery and vibrant multiculti personality. The thing is, they’re all true. Throw in a variety of prebuilt sets, seasoned bilingual teams and VAT-free services to all EU member states, and you begin to figure out why filmmakers across the globe love this little country. Here’s some more reasons why Bulgaria is probably your best shot:

Four seasons. Mountains and valleys, lakes, rivers and a Black Sea. All whitin a few hours drive. Beaches and forrests. Cultural and historical riches. Architecture spanning the time of the Thracian kings to modern exteriors and interiors. Studios and sets including Arabian streets, New York City, Ancient Rome, Western Lane and more. European and Asian looking casting. Telecine and Kodak laboratory. Get in touch, we’ll scout.


Kristina Despotova
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