• What is it?

    “Locations for Shoot” – information catalogue of places for professional video- or photo- shoots.

    Location proprietors – owners or managers who are interested in additional profit by renting out their property (e.g. country house, restaurant, apartment etc.) to professional crews that specialize in film/photo production.

    ReelSource.ru – hosted digital catalogue solution that was launched in 2008 and has since become popular among professionals from film, video and photo industries. 

    “Locations for Shoot” – our new project that effectively, and with minimum costs, enables you to advertise your property as a potentially available location for shooting projects. 

  • How does it work?

    Industry professionals – producers, directors, location managers, photography directors and their assistants, are ready to negotiate location bookings directly with proprietors. There is a high level of interest over a whole range of shoot locations, and currently demand outweighs availability and is continuing to rise!

  • What do I need to do?

    Place an advertisement, wait for a while, and you will be contacted shortly by our representative! Do not forget to discuss all contract details. Listed below are all the necessary details and frequently asked questions.

  • How much can I make?

    You set the price. Ask the price either based on an hourly film crew rate or on a working day (shift). Duration of one shift is usually 12 hours. You can discuss the amount of prepayment and post payment.

  • What are the requirements for my location?

    Usually some of the heads of production crew will visit your property beforehand to make all necessary arrangements. All productions differ from each other and requests to the location can be different as well. You can discuss rental fees, availability of parking and facilities, availability of electrical power, deposit for equipment storage, restrictions and etc. prior the beginning of the filming process.

  • What if my property is damaged? (What to do if my flooring is scratched?)

    Usual practice – discuss the amount of bond with producer, location or production manager in advance.

  • Will they be using my electricity?

    Do not forget to discuss the availability of electrical power and additional cost for that, and/or feasibility of bringing in generators for light and electrical equipment.

  • Night time suits me better, is it possible?

    When advertising your shoot location, do not forget to specify the duration of time you are ready to rent it out for; part of the day when it is available for shooting; and time of the week (working days or weekends). If you don`t have any preferences with regard to when your property is available for filming, please make a particular note of this in your description.

  • Is there “a catch”?

    Do not forget to discuss all special aspects and specific restrictions that apply to your property that film crew will need to follow!

    As appropriate, indicate any noise level restrictions that apply. Please take into consideration that musical videos, for example, are shot with a background sound system, which is usually played very loudly.

  • What else do I need to know?

    Please consider that your presence or the presence of your representative is desirable during the shooting process.

    Please provide reasonably accurate address directions so that your property can be located in a straightforward manner. Please also indicate any facilities, such as a service lift for bringing in all the equipment, if available. Also please point out the availability of balconies or any outdoor areas for installing light equipment for outdoor shooting.

    It is not mandatory, but please indicate the availability of parking near your shoot location including: parking for trucks; whether it is paid parking or not; any restrictions on the number of automobiles; and please also indicate logistics feasibility including but not limited to distance from parking to the service lift and etc.

    It is not mandatory, but please indicate the availability of any storerooms, their size and their location. Storerooms could be used as make-up or costume rooms during shooting, and it is important for production crew to be able to take it into consideration while searching for shoot locations.